Top 5 Best Taylor Guitar Reviews

Taylor-GuitarTaylor Guitars is one of the most sought after brand of acoustic guitars in the music industry. It is actually the number one acoustic guitar manufacturer in the United States and has made its name because of the quality of its products, especially when it comes to the tone, build techniques, and playability. Its well-constructed products give an elevated overall sound and feel as well as excellent looks. Some of the famous artists that use Taylor guitars are Taylor Swift and Jason Mraz. Listed below are five of the Best Taylor Guitar on the market.

1. SKB 1SKB-GSM GSMini Taylor Guitar Shaped Hardshell Case

SKB 1SKB-GSM GSMini Taylor Guitar Shaped Hardshell Case
An excellent way to protect and maintain your Taylor GSM Mini Guitar is with this case. It provides your guitar with a lightweight hardshell protection and can also serve as a portable gig bag. Because of its EPS foam interior, it can definitely safeguard your guitar from impact. What’s more is that it gives an extra protection due to its layered rigid foam. It resilient and water-resistant six hundred-denier exterior shelters your instrument from scrapes and scratches. It is also equipped with a durable double-pull zipper and reinforced TSA nylon trigger release latching system that allows easy access. The case has multiple compartments for your accessories as well. It makes transportation easy because of its straps and cushioned rubber over-molded handle. Overall, it is a great travel case and is substantially cheaper.

2. Taylor BT2 Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar, Mahogany Top

Taylor BT2 Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar, Mahogany Top
The baby Taylor line was manufactured for musicians who are in need of a lighter and smaller guitar for travel, has hands that are relatively small for a regular-sized acoustic guitar, and for kids that are into guitar-playing.

Like all its other models, the baby Taylor line is top quality with the Taylor BT2 as one of its most in-demand models. Although smaller guitars are generally more fragile and harder to manufacture, Taylor was able to bypass that problem by laminating the sides and back, giving the instrument more durability and makes it more solid at its small size. Although laminate isn’t popular with musicians because it feels artificial, it still offers more resilience. When it comes to sound, the BT2 Mahogany sounds big for a small guitar. It’s because Mahogany is a hard wood that gives off a bold tone. Moreover, the laminate works well with it since it complements the mahogany nicely. All in all, it is a great guitar because of its rich sound despite of its small size.

3. Taylor Guitars Big Baby Taylor, BBT, Natural

Taylor Guitars Big Baby Taylor, BBT, Natural
Being smaller than a traditional dreadnaught guitar, it acts more like a travel guitar that an all-purpose guitar. It is easy-playing and great-sounding. Taylor maintains its excellence in manufacturing by producing this high-quality guitar and selling it at an affordable price. Some manufacturers put a laminate wood to beginner guitars as the soundboard but Taylor did it in another way by putting solid sitka spruce top soundboard. Taylor didn’t compensate the sound quality as for them, it is of greater importance. Also, it has an arched back that gives more strength and adds more to the big tonal output. Its layered back and sides makes a sturdy platform. Moreover, it is still receptive to the vibrations brought by the guitar’s top. In general, layered wood is less vulnerable to temperature changes. Thus, this Big Baby Taylor is a great choice for travelling musicians. A gig bag also comes with it that is greatly made and is suitable for all travel situations. Although Big Baby Taylor can’t be plugged in and needs a pickup for live performances, it’s still the best option for its great quality and low price.

4. Taylor GS Mini Mahogany GS Mini Acoustic Guitar

 Taylor GS Mini Mahogany GS Mini Acoustic Guitar
The problem with mini guitars has always been the sound but that was easily resolved by Taylor. Because Taylor utilized the GS-body shape, it sounds very similar to full-sized guitars when it comes to tone. It may not have the exactly the same power, but it has the same versatile tone. Unlike other small guitars, GS mini gives off a good bass tone also because of the addition of a solid Mahogany top that makes it able to produce a richer tone. This models shines with any other Taylor guitars because of its solid mahogany top and sapele back and sides that has a satin finish. GS-mini was manufacture with near-perfection. Additionally, the fretboard and bridge are made from real ebony wood. Strumming and finger-picking sounds great on the fret board. Quiet or loud, GS Mini has a great tone and feel. For musicians, it gives great portability without compromising the sound quality.

5. Taylor Guitars GS Mini Reduced Scale Grand Symphony Acoustic Guitar

 Taylor Guitars GS Mini Reduced Scale Grand Symphony Acoustic Guitar
Last but definitely not the least is the Taylor Guitars GS Mini Reduced Scale Grand Symphony Acoustic Guitar. The GS Mini is a scale version of Taylor’s Grand Symphony as mentioned above. It’s portability and sound is nothing short of marvelous. Its dimensions are only slightly smaller than a Baby Taylor but louder in a tonal sense. Its length is longer than the other small models, thus the strings are quite stiffer in standard tuning. The back and the sides are sapele, honey-colored mahogany and the top is solid Sitka. Fortunately, Taylor still prioritized quality and gave the GS Mini an ebony fretboard and bridge, as mentioned above. When it comes to tone, this model beats the similarly priced small guitars. We cannot expect it to have a full harmonic capability as the standard GS but it is above satisfactory. Taylor definitely succeeded in manufacturing a small and portable guitar that offers tone and playability that is almost comparable to a standard-sized guitar.

In conclusion

Taylor undoubtedly makes the acoustic guitar world exciting with its exceptional models and products that are great not just for small jam sessions but also for travelling. The greatest thing about them is that Taylor doesn’t compromise the quality of their guitars with the size and price. You can get them for a relatively lower cost compared to full-sized guitars but you can also expect them to be nothing short of first-rate.